Aloukik Rahasya- Year Edited by Kshirod Prosad Bidya Binod in Bangla ebooks pdf ebooks name- Aloukik Rahasya- Year Editing – Kshirod Prosad Bidya. Barcode - Title - Sanchayita Ed. 2nd. Subject - Literature. Author - Tagore, Rabindranath. Language - bengali. Pages - Book by Tagore. Sanchayita By Rabindra Nath Thakur. Topics Tagore Bengali. Collectionopensource. LanguageBengali. Book by Tagore.

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Sanchayita (literally meaning collection) is a collection of poems by the great Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore. It was especially published by Visva-Bharati to. 6TH সঞ্চয়িতা ষষ্ঠ সংস্করণ. Authors: TAGORE, RABINDRANATH. Keywords: LITERATURE BENGALI POETRY COLLECTION. Issue Date: Publisher: N. A. Sanchayita by Rabindra Nath Tagore ebook. Book Name: Book Format: Portable Document Format - PDF File. Book Language: Bengali.

That very day the poem 'Nirjharer Swapnabhanga' The Awakening of the Waterfall , gushed forth and coursed on like a cascade.

Sanchayita by Rabindra Nath Tagore

Paul's letter to the Romans. It is fairly certain that the inspiration behind this literary masterpiece was the poet's sister-in-law and that there developed an intimacy between the two young sensitive and impressionable individuals of almost the same age.

However, the autumnal fruits also generated an ambivalent image of the female--at once passionate mistress and compassionate mother. Thus in his essay Dui Bon [Two Sisters], Tagore wrote that women are of two kinds: erotic priya and motherly ma. In his maturer years Tagore came to view his relationship with women as something deeper and dearer than that of a partner in the game of love. In one of the poems of his Sonar Tari, the poet's kabita kalpanalata Muse or manassundari the beautiful woman of imagination becomes jibaner adhisthatri debi presiding goddess of life and antaralakshmi goddess of the innermost recesses of heart.

Manasi ( মানসী)

Thus his manasi is a mix of sensuous experience as well as poetic imagination. As has been noted above, he did acknowledge la femme to be god's gift, and yet he could write: Shudhu bidhatar sristi naha tumi nari. His idea of prem has now been transmuted or sublimated into bhalobasa that is as much spiritual and cerebral manomai as it is passionate and physical.

As early as , the young poet had written in an essay in Bharati that "bhalobasa is more than mere self-surrender. Rather, it is surrendering the very best of one's self. Bhalobasa is not just installing the idol of the goddess in the heart.

It is, more appropriately, installing the idol in the heart's sanctum.

The former is directed toward the self while the latter toward the other. Bhalolaga is gratified in enjoyment, bhalobasa achieves fulfillment in sacrifice and surrender. The poet's lover is not just an erotic playmate of youth; she is also his soulmate in life and beyond.

Bhalobasa, Seely concludes, "comprehends both sneha and prem. However, I argue that Rabindranath's idea of love cannot be apprehended by regarding him a mystic or regarding his idea of prem or eros as divine agape. Even if poetry is considered as a kind of prayer in that it employs "some of the resources of the deep- seated soul," it is, according to Bremond, an imitation of mystical prayer, an ersatz religious solution to soteriological problems.

Agape is a noble spiritual love that mimics the love of God for all His creations.

In agape, all things are loved unconditionally with no consideration of a transactional quid pro quo. It is unmotivated or as the Bengali expression has it ahaituki prem.

Eros, on the other hand, is motivated by the acquisition of happiness.

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Eros recognizes value in the object of love and loves it. Agape loves and creates value in its object of love. As the psychologist Erich Fromm has it, eros is based on the proposition "I love you because I need you" while agape is predicated on the plea "I need you because I love you. In his response of December 28, to the overture of his Argentine hostess, who had written him to say "I have gone through such joy and such sufferings all these days! All the pieces of these collections are characterized by a quiet grandeur: shanta rasa.

Though, according to Bagbhatta, this particular rasa or aesthetic delight has its marker in samyakjnan, that is, awareness of the Absolute Soul Paramatman or God, in Tagore shanta rasa displays the unity of the two divergent consciousness: "the sweet earthy passion" martyer madhuratama asakti and "the sublime freedom of the heavens" akasher nirmalatama mukti. This consciousness informs his idea of love or bhalobasa as it evolved from the impetuous, rebellious, and "delirious cascading waterfall" nirjharer pralapkallol of his youth to a serene and silent prayer "in cosmic quiescence" nikhiler brihat shantite.

Sanchayita By Rabindra Nath Thakur

As he explained: "That creative energy inside me which is unifying as well as signifying all the pleasures and pain of my life, and my changing self through many rebirths I had called Lord of Life Jibandebata.

A noteworthy feature of Tagore's God is that He presides over His created world. Tagore has little patience with Shankaracharya's mayavad that reduces this world to a mere illusion or a dream.

To him, this world, created by God, is intensely real.

In a short poem composed toward the end of his life the poet proclaimed in no uncertain terms: Shes sparsa niye yaba yabe dharanir bale yabo, 'Tomar dhulir tilak parechhi bhale; dekhechhi nityer jyoti duryoger mayar adale.

My salvation is in the universal mind and in my exertions defying all dangers and disappointments]. Even though he delighted in his interaction with peoples and ideas, he was also painfully aware of the deceit, deviousness, and iniquity of his world.

Some of his contemporaries considered him as a poet of ethereal, even unreal [bastutantrahin] fantasies. I thus realize how widespread and deep is the animus against me in my country. How little pain my country people feel by hurting and insulting me!

Had this not been the case, scurrilous criticisms against me would not have been so profitable. No other single creation of Rabindranath spewed so much flattery as well as vitriol either earlier or later Really speaking, the poet was actually the target of attack, his poetry an excuse, because some people sought to belittle those qualities of Rabindranath's multifaceted genius that had been recognized by the majority of the intellectuals of the country.

He would deal with it by bringing together the bhairab [terrifying reality] and the sundar [the ideal and the beautiful].

No fancy reality could be found there. And from this I have known certainly that the earth and the sky are woven with the fibres of man's mind. As he had declared in a lecture in the United States in "With the growth of man's spiritual life, our worship has become worship of love.

In his advancing years, especially past his middle age, the poet harked back to the same font of his poetic consciousness, the Vaishnava devotional style of feminization of the male devotee. He was a seeker of the ultimate freedom and beauty in this life on this planet, and not a beyonder. All Bengali poems cited in this paper are accompanied by my English translation except otherwise stated. Kolkata: A. Justin Kaplan 8th printing.

New York: The Library of America, , My translation. Revised 2nd ed. Kolkata: Abhi Prakashan, B. Martin's Press, Kolkata: Tuli Kalam, , Kolkata: Bharabi, , I , 19, 38 and II , This is a path-breaking study by a gifted scholar. Kolkata: Mallick Brothers, , 9. Kolkata: Visvabharati Granthalay, B. Prithwish Neogy Kolkata: Orient Longmans, , It is puzzling why an author considers Anna a fashionable anglicized brat whom the poet never liked or loved.

Kolkata: Dey's Publishing, , Dyson's endeavor to show Ocampo's influence on Tagore's several works since constitutes a provocative tour de force. Second revised ed.

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To send new book request write on comment field below. Posted by all-banglapdf at Kousik Kumar January 9, at Unknown January 10, at Rasel Hossain January 10, at MonicaG January 10, at 1: Joy Jebon January 10, at 2: Boris william January 10, at 3:The objective of this website is to describe the persona of Tagore in minute detail. Besides Gitanjali, other notable works include Manasi, Sonar Tori "Golden Boat" , Balaka "Wild Geese" — the title being a metaphor for migrating souls [22] The time that my journey takes is long and the way of it long.

Tagore himself, in his youth, seems to have harbored similar ideas about women. New York: The Library of America, , His idea of prem has now been transmuted or sublimated into bhalobasa that is as much spiritual and cerebral manomai as it is passionate and physical. Bhalobasa, Seely concludes, "comprehends both sneha and prem.

Yeats , Preface, The Post Office, Rasel Hossain January 10, at Tagore was keen in spreading his ideologies to the rest of the world and hence embarked on a world tour, lecturing in countries like Japan and the United States.